Use EverBlock to Create All Types of Objects and Structures for Industrial Applications 

EverBlock can be used in various industrial and construction applications. From interior structures for factories to enclosures for equipment and from area delineation at construction sites to temporary office space, use EverBlock to build the structures you need to be more efficient. 

When you project is over, EverBlock may be transported as needed on pallets and re-assembled at another location or modified on-site for different applications. 

Use EverBlock For:

  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Spill containment systems (oilfield services, etc.)
  • Area delineation and privacy screening
  • Traffic control
  • Modular office spaces and guard shacks
  • Perimeter security
  • Equipment or pipe racks and storage
From buildings to room dividers and from pony walls to warning barriers, use EverBlock to build all types of weather and chemical resistant structures for your industrial and construction needs.
Rapidly build in-plant building and add windows and doors like you would to a traditional structure
Use blocks to create area delineators for safety, traffic control, perimeter security and other applications.
Safety Yellow Blocks Available
Safety Orange Blocks Available
Light and Dark Grey Blocks and Black Blocks Available
Divide work areas to create defined areas and spaces
Combine safety colors with black caps to create all types of interesting products for industrial applications. From containment barriers to traffic barriers, use EverBlock as needed and reconfigure for future projects.
Use Everblock to create spill containment enclosures for well drilling, fracking tank enclosures, drilling waste containment, and for other applications.
Use indoors or outdoors for semi-permanent or portable structures such as guard shacks, equipment enclosures, and control rooms.
Use for in-plant or in-warehouse structures
Build unique modular structures indoors and outside

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